Bilingual Transcription Services

Outsource Bilingual Transcription Services to Transpacific

Are you looking to expand your business beyond your national boundaries? Are you planning to transcribe your audio and video recording into different languages? Are you looking for an expert to accomplish your inter-linguistic transcription work? Your search ends here. Call Transpacific now and experience a great variety of linguistic services on offer. When it comes to bilingual transcription services, a majority of global customers would definitely choose Transpacific. The ever-growing demand for Transpacific's bilingual transcription services is the best testimony for our continued services in the field of linguistic translation and transcription services.

Transpacific's bilingual transcription services

Some of the areas of specialization where we can provide bilingual transcription services include:

  • Scientific reports and journals
  • Medical research documents
  • Advertisements in marketing
  • Product installation manuals
  • Business documents and meetings
  • Confidential interviews
  • Personal dictations
  • Financial documents
  • Legal documents

Transpacific's expertise in bilingual transcription services

We specialize at transcription services in 5 languages from English and vice-versa

  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

Benefits of outsourcing bilingual transcription services to Transpacific

  • Certified bilingual transcriptionists with expertise in various language conversions and transcriptions
  • Extremely reliable confidentiality for your sensitive information
  • Lucrative pricing schemes as compared to the high quality output
  • Output delivery in the format and mode of your favorability
  • Extremely petite deadlines to complete your transcription process
  • Great degree of flexibility in the input-output delivery method
  • Customized transcription packages tailor-made to suit your requirements
  • Multi-lingual customer support which has always attained a high degree of customer satisfaction

Transpacific – Your ideal bilingual transcription partner

Expertise, quality, rapidity and punctuality are few of the reasons why customers choose us over other bilingual transcription service providers. Linguistics is an art mastered by a few chosen ones. Of those, a few are engaged at Transpacific. Our employees are trained in most of the professions where we render bilingual translation services. Additionally a rationally designed transcription process only enhances the capabilities of Transpacific. Our bilingual transcribers hail from different backdrops and with a considerable amount of expertise in their field of specialization. They have not only studied the languages of their competence but are also well versed in terms of speaking them. Every single transcriber employed at Transpacific is a keen listener and a remarkable writer.

Our bilingual transcription process revolves around a very simple and effective information exchange mechanism.

  1. You have an option to send audio files to our location or upload the audio file to be transcribed to our FTP server; or we can access your audio storage location or record your speech recordings live
  2. We work on these files and transcribe them in VERBATIM or SUMMARIZE mode as specified. These files are transcribed in the language of your choice and the final output is delivered in a favorable output format
  3. You can fetch the final output or notify the location where the output needs to be uploaded; either your mail box or the FTP site

Outsource bilingual transcription services to Transpacific and experience quality at its best. Contact us for bilingual transcription services.