Medical Billing & Coding

Outsource Medical Billing & Coding Services

Transpacific understands the criticality of timely medical billing and coding in effectively managing your revenue cycle. We can help you:

  • Generate cleaner, faster claims, backed by our superior business process, knowledge and multiple rounds of quality and compliance checks
  • Reduce labor costs and improve coding accuracy, by providing access to trained coding staff
  • Get better yields at lower costs, by using our effective payer follow-up and denial/rejection processes
  • Dramatically reduce your Accounts Receivables

By outsourcing your requirements for medical billing and coding services to us, you can leverage solutions that free you from managing repetitive tasks. This, in turn, can help you focus on your core function of providing health care services to your patients.

Why choose us as your medical billing & coding partner?

Transpacific has over 12 years of experience in providing medical billing services and medical coding services. Our global clients range from individual physicians to hospitals to medical billing companies. Partnering with us has the following advantages:

  • Shorter turnaround time with daily processing and submission of claims
  • Reduction in operating costs by at least 40%
  • Follow up with Payers for faster reimbursements
  • 100% HIPAA compliant processes
  • Quicker settlements and higher profitability
  • Reduced staffing issues
  • Quick denial tracking and an efficient dispute resolution process
  • Rigorously trained billing specialists and a Certified Coding Team (CCT)

In this way, leveraging our services can help you in a variety of ways. Our comprehensive billing services include:

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • CPT and ICD-9 Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Submission of Claims
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-up
  • Payment posting
  • Denial Analysis
  • Accounts Receivables Management

Transpacific’ medical billing & coding services

Medical billing services

Our billing department ensures that all bills are submitted with the correct information. We understand how important it is to enter details correctly so that there are no delays or denials. Whether it is a superbill or an encounter form, our trained staff will accurately and efficiently enter details related to patient demographics, date of service, CPT and ICD codes with modifiers, and the number of units. In addition, we conduct Quality checks at two levels to ensure accuracy of data.

Medical coding services

Accurate medical coding is critical for all healthcare providers. We can help you ensure compliance with government regulations and also help improve coding accuracy. All you need to do is scan your patient records and upload them on our secure FTP server. Our dedicated team of coding experts will download and analyze these files on a daily basis. In the end, our Quality Assurance (QA) team will check the claims for:

  • Incorrect or missing ICD-9 diagnosis
  • Incorrect or missing CPT-4 modifiers
  • Incorrect or missing CPT procedure codes

Medical claims processing

We can perform both online claims processing as well as process paper claims. For online claims, we have the capability to connect to your software by using a secure connection and submitting all such claims electrically. In addition, our QA team will perform Quality checks at two levels. This helps us eliminate any errors and ensures that chances for the rejection of claims are minimized.

Accounts receivables management

We understand the importance of persistent follow-ups for faster reimbursements. Our trained personnel constantly keep in touch with insurance companies by phone, e-mail, etc to ensure that claims are settled quickly. All payments are posted on to the billing software. Any partial payments or denials are analyzed in detail. They are then corrected and re-submitted to the insurance company.

Revenue cycle management

We can help you submit claims in a timely fashion. We not only process claims, but also follow-up with insurance companies to maximize the reimbursed amount. Our focus is on ensuring that each claim is paid at the earliest. In this way, we can help you increase your revenue, reduce your operational costs and better manage your cash flow.

Choose Transpacific as your medical billing and coding partner

Transpacific understands the challenges that you face every day. Our aim is to provide superior medical billing and coding services that leave you free to focus on your patients.

Contact us to outsource medical billing and coding services.