Outsource Teleradiology Services to Transpacific

Transpacific is at the forefront when it comes to outsourced Teleradiology services, providing advanced diagnostic teleradiology solutions to discerning clients around the world. Hospitals today face many hassles in finding enough radiologists to handle ever-increasing workloads. Healthcare practices might also find it hard to get immediate replacements for radiologists on leave or during weekends.

Outsourcing teleradiology services to India is probably the best way to relieve your company of unnecessary stress. Not only is the time difference conducive to higher productivity, you also get access to teleradiology services for preliminary and final reports 24/7. What's more, you can rest assured that your patients are in the best hands during holidays, weekends, and overnight.

At Transpacific, we specialize in teleradiology services, 3D image processing services and medical imaging services.

Teleradiology Services

We have a panel of experienced radiologists who provide expert preliminary and certified interpretations for the entire gamut of non-invasive imaging modalities. Our radiologists are Fellowship-trained and can provide a detailed and final reading of:

  • Musculoskeletal & Doppler Ultrasounds
  • Abdominal & Echocardiography Ultrasounds
  • Whole-body CT screenings
  • MRIs
  • Thoracic Imaging
  • Clinical Trials
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Cardiology & Coronary CTA.

During emergencies, we are always available to provide results within short time-frames, sometimes in less than 20 minutes! We can also send you a transcribed report within 10 to 12 hours. Our radiology services are accessible round the clock, every day of the year.

3D Image Processing Services

Take advantage of professional 3D image processing services by outsourcing your imaging requirements to Transpacific. We have a highly qualified team working on 3D image processing services such as MR/ CT angiographies of various body parts and pulmonary, renal, peripheral and extremity angiographies, multi-planar reconstruction, maximum intensity projections (MPR/ MIP), 3D recon for anatomical evaluation/ maxillofacial/ plastic surgery, aortograms, etc. This includes a CT angiography of 64 slices, apart from which virtual colonoscopy may also be provided.

We also offer MR/ CT Perfusion, Virtual Endoscopy, 3D rendering of fractures, and Volumetry. By collaborating with Transpacific, you can benefit from our breadth of professional 3D image processing services.

Medical Imaging Services

The diagnostic radiologists at Transpacific are qualified, licensed, certified and experienced in providing medical imaging services. We provide detailed interpretative services and compose reports for X-rays, MRIs, Ultrasounds, Coronary CTAs, Nuclear Cardiology/ PET/ Medicine, Dexa Scan, Computed Tomography, Echocardiography, etc.

When you let us handle your teleradiology workload, you can stop worrying about staying abreast of your work. We have over 12 years of experience in providing expert solutions to a host of customers, and are equipped to handle any last-minute problems, should they arise.

Contact Transpacific to outsource teleradiology services today.