Research & Analysis Services

R & A Services

Research into various aspects of the business and market landscape is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Research services providers like Transpacific help businesses take strategic decisions by carrying out complex analyses and presenting insightful reports. As, research assignments require huge investments; Outsourcing research and analysis services to us can give your business access to expert analysis without worrying about exorbitant costs. Leading the charge is Transpacific which provides research services across domains that continues to help companies make effective use of data for their benefit.

Case Studies

Find out how a global asset management firm reaped the benefits of outsourcing by engaging our services for research and analysis of financial data and extracting reports based on various economic parameters and standards from across 45 countries.


  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • Market Research for Business Success
  • Offshore Outsourcing Research
  • Business Competitive Intelligence
  • Legal Research Services

Research & Analysis Outsourcing

Research is a critical step in assessing analytical factors which can influence the success or failure of a project, product or service. Our research and analytical division uses advanced software and statistical tools like SPSS, SAS and MS EXCEL to conduct quality research and give organizations a competitive edge. When you need a partner more than a vendor in your research needs, outsourcing research and analysis services to Transpacific can help you achieve your business goals. Research & analysis outsourcing at Transpacific includes Market Research, Medical Writing, Pharmaceutical research, Preparing research reports, Financial research, KPO Solutions, Intellectual property services etc.

Research & Analysis India

Get ahead of your competition by outsourcing research and analysis services to Transpacific, a technology services outsourcing company in India. We provide cross-technology research designed for different sectors including financial and investment community, venture capitalists, investment banks, Pharmaceutical firms, KPOs, and commercial banks, etc. Additionally, we create insightful reports by converting raw information into detailed reports complete with descriptive tables and charts that allow executives to understand critical business scenarios and make strategic business moves. Tailored for unique business needs, our R&A services follow a strict deadline, and help businesses jumpstart that great product / service idea or assess a market with ease.