Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Documenting information available in any format - such as audio or video - is better known as transcription. In today's fast paced world, there is a lot of information across diverse business verticals that need to be transcribed accurately and quickly. Businesses do not have the time or the resources to carry out transcription work. Besides, companies invest time and resources in their core operations. However, if the process of transcription is plagued with errors, your business can come to a grinding halt. A business cannot and should not completely ignore transcription in a bid to focus on core operations.

Transcription Outsourcing Service

It is vital for your business to focus on core areas and delegate transcription services to expert professionals. There are a plethora of transcription related services which need to be addressed to professionally and can be outsourced to another company that is competent enough to manage the transcription process. Minutes of an important meeting need to be transcribed, or a speech by the company's CEO needs to be transcribed - there are many similar transcription needs, which when fulfilled, support major business operations and influence business decisions. Well-transcribed and error-free files help companies conduct business activities without any hindrances.

Transcription Service India

Outsourcing operations to India makes business sense as the country is one of the most influential players in the global outsourcing arena. Besides, companies enjoy benefits of incredible savings when they outsource their operations to companies in India. Transpacific is capable of addressing the transcription needs of international companies with ease. The company, committed to quality and timeliness, incorporates high-end technology and infrastructure to meet the requirements of companies outsourcing their operations to India.

Customer Testimonials

"After a tremendous amount of research and negotiations with potential transcription vendors in the U.S. we were delighted to find Transpacific. Although our initial interest was mainly based on cost (Transpacific was less than half the price of U.S. vendors) we have found the company to be highly competent and flexible. We asked that they take on innovative procedures, based on our video production, for which they were able to quickly find an accurate solution for. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality along with low cost transcription."